Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tech in the kitchen: Ctrl-Alt-Delete cup set

They're not the keys from a computer keyboard...
See? I told you they're not keys :D
This is not really a tech gadget. But decoration-wise, it’s just too cute to ignore, especially for someone who loves both the kitchen and tech like me. Maybe I’ll drink from the “Delete” cup when I’ve got some problems and I want them to go away. The “Control” cup will be used in situations that get a bit out of control, or when I need more self-control. The “Alt” cup will be for, well, other situations.

This Ctrl-Alt-Delete cup set is sold @ 11.99USD @ ThinkGeek. Now I'm going to add this set to my wish list :).

1 comment:

  1. Hahahha ... Isn't it so good IF we drink from the “Delete” cup when we've got all the problems solved. :D I guess by the time we want to buy it ... SOLD OUT. Btw, thanks for sharing this cute cups :)