Friday, June 3, 2011

Mango yogurt chiffon cake – worry doesn’t help

A chiffon cake. Mango. Yogurt. All are my favorite. That was why I wanted to bake this mango yogurt chiffon right when I read the recipe in HoneyBeeSweets’ blog. It sounded like a great cake, not only delicious, but healthy too. What worried me was that HoneyBeeSweets wrote many of her mango cubes sank, which made a part of her cake collapsed. Many a time my chiffon cakes shrink too – though I have never experienced cake collapsion… yet – so I really wondered how my cake would turn out.

One big mango was used for this cake. One cheek was chopped into small cubes. The other was blended to get mango puree. The rest of the mango? Of course I ate it all :).

I followed the steps in the recipes, stirring in mango cubes to the egg yolk mixture before adding the flour mixture. I baked the cake at 170oC for 30 minutes, then lowered the temperature to 160oC and baked for another 20 minutes.

The outcome made me think that I had wasted my time worrying. I’d been worried for a few hours and now, here came one of the most delicious cakes I’d ever tasted. The worrying didn’t help. It just made me unable to focus that actually I almost overbeat the egg whites.

The cake stood tall and had a light sweet mango aroma. It was moist, and it still was within two days (I don’t know how long it could be kept because it was eaten up within two days). In fact, I could eat several slices at once as it tasted so fruity but I had to restrain myself because it wouldn’t be healthy to eat that much. This mango yogurt chiffon cake makes a good breakfast (together with some milk or some more yogurt) since it was light, soft and had both yogurt and fruit. The recipe is truly a keeper. Thanks HoneyBeeSweets for sharing.


  1. Oh MY!! This cake has everything that I like... I love, love, love all of the ingredients - mango topping the list.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thank you for dropping by. Yes, this cake is definitely a must-try. It tasted surprisingly good :).