Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mission failed at a traditional bakery

A while ago, the local TV channel introduced an old bakery where traditional cakes were sold. Not being a fan of traditional cakes but I was interested in it, mostly b/c I'm interested in vintage things and I'm a foodie who always want to explore new places for food.

The first time I tried to find the address mentioned on TV, I failed. There were so many street numbers *the same* as the number stated on TV (strange, isn't it?) and none of them was a bakery. Mission failed, and I felt like I was fooled. Forget it, I told myself.

Recently I happened to hear about that bakery once again. this time I also got to know that it was in a small alley. Keeping my eyes wide open, I could find the bakery this time. Yes, the bakery was true to the words. Several kinds of traditional cakes are sold there. The older people must really like this place b/c there are the cakes that have been so dear to them since they were young, especially the cakes made from some kinds of leaves that the younger generation might have never heard of.
Here it is - the old bakery
Anyway, what I expected most from this bakery was not the cakes but some stories behind the cakes or behind the store. This bakery is much older than me. It was opened around 1940s so there must have been a lot of things to talk about.

When I first stepped in the bakery, what I heard was a old woman, who was the seller, yelling at the phone: "How many [cakes]? Where are you? Remember the delivery fee will be on you too!". Her voice sounded cold and angry and I never knew why b/c it was in the morning and the bakery was not so crowded. So what irritated a woman that early on the morning?
The irritated woman in her bakery
Many mini versions of traditional cakes, which are both cute and good
My donut balls with sesame seeds, 10 for 1USD
Western pieces of cakes. Prices are fair.
After she finished yelling, I said I wanted some traditional donut balls (donuts rounded like small balls with green bean filling) and with quick movements, she put them into a brown bag for me. Thinking this was my chance, I started: "I saw your bakery on TV and...". The irritated woman said nothing and her cold expression didn't change either, which was most likely to mean "I'm not interested, understand? Take your donut balls, pay then leave!". I did. I took some more small cakes, I paid then I left. I wasn't angry at all but I couldn't help but wondering why that woman became so annoyed at customers, whose money would become her salary. Angry - no. But disappointed - yes. So I didn't get any stories out of that woman. Mission failed once again.
The cup that the bakery got for its good quality
Anyway, the donut balls and cakes were good. I still hope that next time when I go to that bakery, I'd see someone else with better attitude who would spare a minute or two for some good old stories about such an old bakery. Or at least, a story about why that woman was so irritated - I'm even all ears for that :).

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