Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sweet Juillet apricots

The box, after all the apricots have been eaten, is thoroughly washed and used to hold a couple of pieces of cake :)
This summer marked the first time I saw and knew about sweet Juillet apricots. I've always known the big and tart apricots from the US, which I always use to bake fruit cakes because they're not sweet enough to eat raw.

When first seeing sweet Juillet apricots, I doubted the word "sweet". But the box was just too in inviting so I decided to buy one [box]. There were 7 apricots in every box. The apricots looked very "summery" and clean and they were the same in size. I thought one more apricot cake would be baked.

But of course I wanted to eat one first to know how sweet or how tart this kind of apricots were. And the apricot impressed at the first bite. It was juicy and really sweet, so sweet that I decided that I and my son would eat them all instead of putting them in a cake.
Aren't they beautiful? I have also taken a close-up photo, but something went wrong when I resized it, and it vanished :(
Now I know that this kind of Juillet apricots are only grown in Washington (the US) and only available in July. Such a great kind of fruits. Those sweet Juillet apricots really don't disappoint.

Yes, life gives you apricots, which are sometimes tart and sometimes sweet, beyond your expectation, imagination and prediction, but eventually, life doesn’t disappoint. I do hope so.

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