Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chocolate chip madeleines and my second attempt

This is the first time I tried baking madeleines. Well, OK, it was actually not the first time. I baked the first batch almost a year ago and they never turned out madeleines. They were just some lumps of batter as hard as rocks but the insides were still wet, although I baked them for more than 30 minutes (and they were mini madeleines, can you believe it?). After a lot of consultations, I decided that I had beaten the egg whites completely wrong (yes, that recipe called for separated eggs and egg whites beaten till stiff, and I used a hand whisk to beat egg whites – I can’t even believe it!). I hadn’t collected enough courage to try madeleines again since then.

Until recently. The sea-shell shape of madeleines attracted me, once again, and with some experience in beating egg whites, I determined to bake another batch of madeleines. I found a good simple recipe at great Technicolor Kitchen blog without separating eggs. I followed the recipe pretty closely but just used Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of bittersweet chocolate chunks (because the chips were all I had on hands). The madeleines turned out really fine and my family loved them, although I think I overbaked them a little bit, because I didn’t realized that my madeleine pans were pretty shallow. Anyway, the texture was good. The cookies were soft and sweet and they were all eaten up within a day, so quick that I could just snap a small ugly photo with my phone – didn’t have time to bring out the real camera :).


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  1. Beautiful madeleines! Love the idea with additional chocolate chips in it, yummy :)